CASPer Prep Course

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Learn key skills to beat the clock, think outside the box and score top points!

Practice scenarios with our coaches

Compare your answers to top-scoring answers



  1. A pre-test to practice and understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the CASPer exam.
  2. The recording of our 3-hour crash course that was held in September 2020 in English AND French (3 hours each and taught by different coaches).
  3. Access to the transcript of the course so you can see all the answers from other students that were typed during the course.
  4. Access to MedCoach CASPer exam #5 which includes video scenarios 
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After marking over 500 CASPers, we have compiled all of the most high-yield information that you need to ace your casper test into a 3-hour webinar.

This course will focus on the medical School CASPer test, but will also cover techniques to ace CASPer questions from all healthcare programs including dentistry, nursing, veterinary school, midwifery and physician assistant programs. This course is taught by our top coaches!

The course covered:

  • Techniques to master all types of casper questions
  • The general approach and thought process when answering casper questions
  • Examples of casper questions (including video scenarios)
  • Coaches reviewing answers in real time
  • Examples of top scoring answers
  • Examples of the score received for the answer and how the score is determined.
  • A live Q&A period

Further details on how to access the course recording and test #5 will be sent to you immediately upon checkout.

7 reviews for CASPer Prep Course

  1. 17nk18

    I used this course as well as a practice exam with feedback to prepare for my dal casper test. I found this course very helpful and it gave me a better understanding of what to expect on the test. It was also very interesting and useful for me to see how other people answered questions!! Overall very grateful for this resource.

  2. vlad.21

    Thank you!

  3. nikikoby

    Lauren was very coherent, I liked her examples of justice, equality, and equity. I would have been so happy if I got feedback from her although I know there are lots of people.

  4. K.Y

    I really enjoyed the crash course given by Leah – the onion analogy was very helpful to me!

  5. Adam

    Information was relevant and I liked the practice questions

  6. Tanikac

    Since I am bilingual I watched the course in French and English. Leah is amazing to listen to and I highly recommend that even if you want to watch the French course, to listen to the English one to. It’s the same material but Leah is really fun to listen to. I am very greateful to have found this resource!

  7. jamesb24

    I really liked this course. It helped me solidify a few concepts and understand what they are looking for. I would recommend this for anyone prepping for their test, but don’t forget to do practice questions after to practice what you learned.

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