CASPer Prep Package

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  • Access to our 3-hour CASPer Prep Course
  • Access to our full 14-scenario Practice CASPer Test (8 Typed Responses + 6 Video Responses)
  • Two hours of one-on-one sessions with a MedCoach for feedback and scoring
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12 reviews for CASPer Prep Package

  1. Paul

    Love this new combination! I bought the crash course, one exam with feedback and one without. The feedback is definitely worth it and I liked comparing my answers to the top answers. Will be buying more.

  2. philipp_zachary

    I thought the practice was greatly representative of my test. I really appreciated the feedback from Sabine which helped me to organize my answers in more detail. I did receive an interview and scored in the 4th quartile! Last year I did not get an interview so I really feel my practice with MedCoach helped.

  3. Jasm

    I like that you can choose your options. I personally found the one on one session more helpful for me as I enjoy the live feedback.

  4. Asam

    I felt the tests were shorter but the questions were really good. I think it’s good to have shorter practice because you don’t want to practice a full test all of the time, but there should be an option for longer test as well.

  5. Sarah

    Great prep course overall – the practice questions were helpful. I like the video practice as well, it was cool to see how they record the responses in real time!

  6. Haslmed2

    Thank you for your practice tests for my optometry preparation

  7. Kylie

    I thought one of the questions in test 2 was confusing. Looking forward to hearing back from the coach to see what they are expecting there. Otherwise the questions were good practice.

  8. Maya25

    I know some schools are not using the video part of the casper test this year but I was really worried about it and decided to get help with some practice casper tests. I found the medcoach video response test through google. The platform of the test is really great and allows you to practice your answers a few times so I was able to get comfortable with it before submitting. And since they are the same kinds of questions, it allowed me to also get more practice for the questions on the typed test. Overall really impressed and feeling much more confident!

  9. Maya25

    I also took 2 practice casper tests with questions and answers because I was looking for a way to see top answers and this was really the only place I could find with that. Also my coach was VERY knowledgeable about the casper test and gave me an idea of how the casper test is scored which has made a huge difference in my confidence levels.

  10. JustinN

    I think these tests give you a good idea of what to expect. The sample scenarios are very comparable to real CASPer questions and the top answers are not extremely long and unrealistic unlike other companies poor resources.

  11. PrepC23

    Leah was knowledgeable and passionate, which made the class fun. I highly recommend this course.

  12. Jonathan P

    overall great questions and the feebdack was the most helpful

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