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For every session that you book with MedCoach, you're contributing to a healthcare related charity.


Please make sure to check the TOS on a regular basis

MedCoach Student Agreement Form

Please read through the following statements and complete your checkout if you agree:

I understand that MedCoach is an independent, student-run organization with no connections or insider-information with regards to the medical admission process.

  1. We cannot predict what you will be asked on your specific interview day
  2. Due to contracts signed with the universities, we cannot tell you about the specific contents/stations of our interviews.

I understand that MedCoach is in no way affiliated with any Faculty of Medicine or any Admissions Committee.

I understand that paying for this service does not guarantee an acceptance into medical school.

I understand that the medical students working for MedCoach are here to provide their best opinion of my CV and personal letter and that their advice is based on their own personal experiences and not the advice of an admissions committee.

If accepted to medical school, I allow MedCoach to use portions of my CV as examples of successful applications, after removing all personal information.

I will respect the following conditions:

  • Sessions must be scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Sessions start on time and end on time. You will be charged for any time missed (late or absent). If you must cancel a session, you must do so before 24 hours of your scheduled session to avoid being charged for your session.

Refund policy for one-on-one sessions:

We cannot guarantee a specific coach. Please make sure to confirm that you have booked the correct coach before checking out. If you select the wrong coach and check out by mistake, we will be able to offer you a refund under certain circumstances however there will be a $5 admin fee.

Cancellation >24 hours before the session: Full refund

Cancellation <24 hours before the session: $5 Penalty Fee

Cancellation <1 hour before the session and/or no show: No refund

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